How Much?

I popped over to Reading on the bus to check out the newly opened BrewDog yesterday. It was lightly snowing with heavier stuff predicted later on so I didn’t intend to hang around too long,

20180317_130947 (2)

It’s what you would expect, a little larger than most BrewDog bars and pretty busy on its second day of opening. My first drink was a pint of Jet Black Heart, it was decent but inevitably on the cold side and priced at £5.35.


Next up was  Native Son, an 8.5% IPA, a third of this was £3.90


After this I decided to nip up to The Nags Head as one should always do when in town. A pint of 3.0% Riding Ale from Howling Hops at £3.40 was followed by a half of Dark Star Cocoa Nut, 6.0% on key keg, £2.70.

At this point I decided to catch the bus back to my local.


But on my way back I got to thinking, factoring in my £8.00 return bus ticket , the cost of my brief trip cost me the grand total of £23.35 for less than three pints.

I enjoyed the beer and the venues, but it begs the question, am I mad?

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