I love the place and it is my favorite holiday destination having been there multiple times over the last 30 years or so, yes I am easily pleased some might say, each to their own.



But what about beer? The med being a stronghold of ice cold lager.


Well in 2006 Corfu Beer was born, I don’t want to get technical but apparently it’s real ale. It’s mostly in bottles, chilled of course given the weather, and widely available on the island and beyond.  They cover a few bases style- wise, with a Pilsner, an IPA, a Dark, a Red, a Weiss and the big daddy, Ionian Epos ,a honey infused Barley Wine weighing in at 7.5%. I tried most over my 11 day stay last summer, my particular favourite though was undoubtedly the 6.2% IPA, rather moreish especially with some continental food.



Should you happen to ever find yourself in Corfu, I recommend you give these beers a try, they’re not bad at all.

By the way that’s not me in the top picture, and I have no Idea what he was up to.

Well maybe an inkling.





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