Around And About The Bevois Valley

At a loose end on a Sunday I decided to jump on a train to St Denys  station, a little to the north east of central Southampton. First stop was The Dolphin, right on the stations doorstep, the banner on the pub proclaimed, “Under New Management”, not knowing whether this was a good thing ,or bad, I proceeded anyway to find the landlady/manageress just opening up at 12.15, she had no idea the clocks had just gone forward the previous night, but no harm done I was the first punter. I must now admit a school boy error, I totally forgot to take some photos, nevermind I shall paint a picture with words. Its a reasonably large pub with wooden clad walls and flooring,sensible height seating was  dotted around the room, on the bar were no less than eight handpumps, seven  in operation, the beer selection was a little pedestrian, Its Enterprise owned, and suffers as such, but they are allowed a guest beer free of tie, this was Exile Whakatu, what ever that means, It was good, but time to move on.

I decided to walk to the furthest bit of my mini crawl first and work my way back. This brought me to The London Road Brew House.


Not a particularly remarkable building from the outside, but spacious and modern inside. As the name suggests, they brew their own beer on site and the brew kit can be seen through a glass partition to the side of the bar, three of their own beers were available along with three others of fairly local origin. I liked it here better than I had expected to.

20180325_125941 (2)


Next up was what I would call a proper pub. The Cricketers Arms.

20170813_170738 (2)

Traditional inside, a U shaped single room wrapped around a central bar,it offered five varied ales along with one Cider. A very comfortable pub and it was here my hunger got the better of me.


From the traditional, on to the not so, BrewDog. Interesting beer,pub and  toilets.

Elvis Juice Rules O.K.


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The penultimate pub was The Guide Dog, well known for its real ale.

IMAG0102 (2)

My beer of choice , Stonehenge Sign Of Spring, maybe gimmicky, but it is actually good beer and tastes nothing like it looks.


Finally up the hill to The Book Shop Ale House, a micro pub with some very good and interesting beer, as my pint of Elusive Sunset Rider proved. You can also buy books here as well should you so wish.


So an end to a good afternoon out, except for one thing, due to train connections I had to spend the best part of an hour in Basingstoke on the way home, but thats another story.




9 thoughts on “Around And About The Bevois Valley

  1. There’s nothing like a good binge now and then, I just happened to have one Friday and Sunday,
    I think Stonehenge release Sign Of Spring every year, I don’t always get to see it often though, the last time I had it was in The Coal Hole on the Strand about five years ago.


  2. I saw the Exile Whakatu in the Grimsby Wetherspoons yesterday – I think it’s brewed by Exe Valley ? I’ve never seen owt like that Stonehenge beer in all my life – WTF ?! There’s some strange beers down South 😯 . I wouldn’t mind a peek in that micro/bookshop though. Sounds like you had a good day out…😉

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  3. Great post.
    I’ve never seen anything like the green beer either. If ever a bar sample jar was required it would be for that beer. What gives it the green colour (or is it best not to ask?)

    I liked the beer in London Road Brewhouse but the place felt more like a warehouse than a pub to me. I also liked Bookshop Alehouse – went there a couple of years ago but not been back to blog it yet…

    Also missed The Cricketers and Brew Dog out of my Bedford Place crawl so must do those (and a visit to the famous Guide Dog is long overdue).

    Your roast and Yorkshire pudding looked pretty good.

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  4. As far as I know the green colour is simply food dye, Stonehenge have been doing this beer a good number of years now, I repeat an earlier comment , “don’t drink with your’e eyes” , It really is quite nice. Agree on the London Road Freehouse, the BrewDog is what it is, love or hate, (Marmite) , The Cricketers is very good as was the roast, The Guide Dog is a must.

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