Day Trip To Brighton – Part One

Friday 23rd of March

Arriving  around 11.20 at Brighton train station, I made off immediately in the direction of the first pub of the day, The Evening Star to meet up with ,my fellow pub crawlers from the Pubs Galore Forum. We were eventually to be about twenty strong in number, and as we began to congregate at the pubs door it soon became apparent our information on opening times was incorrect. The barman came out and confirmed opening time  was 12:00 and not 11:30. Cheers WhatPub. We would return, the first pub became the last.

We moved onward , the first pub was now The Quadrant, a rather pleasing on the eye Victorian corner pub , It was built in 1864 and is Grade II listed . Although relatively small  inside, there’s lots of ornate dark wood, etched glass and highly polished brass. Three Ales were on, Arundle Wild Heaven, Langham’s Halfway To Heaven and Laines Breaker Pale. A decent start,


The Quadrant

Next was The Craft Beer Co, I’ve been here a couple of times before and to be honest its not my favourite of their pubs, however after one of our number (Will) e-mailed the pub in advance to find out opening times, the managing director replied straight away and offered to open at 12.00 especially for us, they normally open at 4 pm on a Friday, a nice touch. I find it a little plain in here though there is a good choice  of beer, I enjoyed Dark Star Revelation.

20180323_120934 (2)
The Craft Beer Co

Next up , a short walk brought us to The Brighton Beer Dispensary,

This picture is from June 2016, It’s still the same.

Its an interesting place, a fairly small mid- terrace pub with a good selection of cask and keg beer as well as cider.

The Beer and Cider available in The Brighton Beer Dispensary on the day

Onward to The Victory Inn, It has to be one of the best looking pubs in Brighton.

John points out the impressive exterior

Inside it’s a traditionally layed out pub, quite basic and functional , I quite liked it, but I found the beer range a little disappointing, Doom Bar, Laines Breaker Pale and Jennings Sneck Lifter, but then It may be possible I’m a beer snob.

It was going to be a long day, part two follows soon.

4 thoughts on “Day Trip To Brighton – Part One

  1. Interestingly, as I shall summarise after part 3 or possibly 4, I found the general beer quality on this particular visit to be generally average, nothing particularly bad but nothing really blew me away,
    In fact Beer of the day by some stretch was keg, more of that later.


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