Day Trip To Brighton Part Two

The pubs were coming thick and fast now, next up was the Bath Arms, deep in the busy Lanes area there is plenty of passing trade. Inside there is a mixture of decor styles including wood panel, exposed brick and flock wallpaper , a bit of a mix. There was a choice of six beers, four from the Shepherd Neame stable, one from Laines, and the one I opted for, Yardsman Chocolate Mocha Stout, brewed by Hercules Brewing Company who hail from Belfast. Not a bad pub but time to move on, the schedule was relentless.

The Cricketers was next, 20180323_141605 (2)

a pub that’s on CAMRA’S list of regionally important historic interiors, a bit of a mouthful that, but it looked nice. Dimly lit with red carpet and upholstery along with dark wood and more flock wallpaper, there seemed to be an almost surreal luxuriant glow about the place, of note was a collection of chamber pots suspended from the low ceiling,20180323_142359

At this point the group started to fracture, with some going off on various tangents to tick new pubs. I decided to change the game plan a bit and head for BrewDog, a habit I seem to have picked up of late, a few of the crowd had the same idea.

It was here that I encountered my beer of the day, Arundle  Uptown.

20180323_152053 (1)
Arundel Uptown

A 6.2% hopbomb of unfined murk. It was lovely. For any sceptic’s out there, I remind you of this.

20180323_151803 (2)

Back on the road again and we were down to two , myself and Big Steve headed onward, and upward, the hills were hellishly steep, but finally we reached our destination, The Southover. Barman aside there was no one else in the pub, despite plenty of chimney pots around its a bit away from town. However a good selection of beer greeted us,20180323_155735

An nice pub with various interesting pictures adorning the walls, it was worth the walk.



It was time to go and find the rest of the group, at least it was a downhill stroll from here.

To be continued .

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