Sunday In Carshalton Part 1


I had long wanted to visit The Hope in Carshalton  based on its good beer reputation, so I jumped on a train, then a tram, then another train and handily ended up at Carshalton train station at mid-day, just in time for opening.

Of course I didn’t spend an hour and a half traveling just to visit one pub, no matter how good, I was going to see what else the town had to offer.

First stop The Railway Tavern.


A good old school corner boozer of the sort Fullers seem to do less and less of these days.





I was first punter in, more followed shortly. After a leisurely pint of average Fullers Spring Sprinter ,I moved on to….

The Sun.

20180513_130011 (2)

A quite attractive wedge shaped exterior, but once inside I found it a little on the gastro side of things, with most tables set for dining purposes, well it was a Sunday lunchtime. Despite being Greene King owned there was a reasonable Ale selection.

20180513_124232 (2)

My Siren Undercurrent was a little hazy, but good,


I finished it off in the secluded beer garden.

Two pubs done and not looking bad, part 2 coming soon.


2 thoughts on “Sunday In Carshalton Part 1

  1. I was going to say I Hope it’s a good ‘un but you beat me to it !

    Carshalton one of those rare London suburbs with a good mix of family brewery pubs and free houses,Cheam and Brentford similar.


  2. There were some good points as well as bad, as we shall see when I get my arse into gear and write part two and probably three. Then I must get onto Northampton.


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