Carshalton #2

Having left the Sun, and making an unfruitful walk to the next pub on my list, The Palmerston, only to find it clad in scaffolding and full of builders in full on refurb mode, I did a sharp about turn toward the now pub 3, The Coach & Horses.

20180513_131234 (2)

It was sat on a busy road and it was impossible to take a photo without passing cars, this was the best I could do. It looked like a really good trad pub, and I suppose it maybe, it appeared so upon entry, but  beer wise my heart sank to find only Doom Bar the solitary ale with a turned Pride clip. Still I would persevere in the name of something or other, I stood at the bar, the barman, back turned was busy rolling something to smoke, I waited patiently, he left via the serving hatch to smoke his creation without the merest glance toward the pub room, I left Doombarless.

Undeterred as the next pub was virtually next door , The Woodman.


Another establishment that externally offered promise, I should have taken more note of the pub sign.

20180513_131513 (2)

It did however say this as well.

20180513_131513 (3)

Anyway, it was a mix of wine bar, restaurant and pub, but the service was abysmal, the beers average , Adnams Southwold Bitter ,Deuchars IPA and Caledonion  XPA, the latter in poor shape despite the £4.30 price tag.

Punters waiting to be served in the Woodman

After a decent start, Carshalton had taken a downturn.

Coming next, Sunday in Carshalton 3 ( the upturn? maybe).




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