Carshalton #4 ( The final push)

Two pubs to go and the success rating of the trip was teetering on the cusp of failure, my target was in sight but I had to deal with The Race Horse first.

20180513_142741 (2)

A two roomed rather basic pub, one for the locals, not a bad thing for a pub.

There were three ales available, Doom Bar (no), T.T Landlord (maybe) and Harveys Sussex Best ( oh alright then), It was average, possibly NBSS 2.5 at a push.

The Pub was reasonably well attended with said locals, but the place seemed rather bland and almost club like, with little of any interest going on to keep me occupied.

20180513_142612 (2)

Enough was enough, time for the main event. The Hope, it beckoned me on in the (short) distance.


Like a light at the end of a tunnel, an oasis in an endless desert, a bright shining ray of HOPE, but enough of all that,  I approached the door and entered,

It was full of people as old if not older than me, grey beards ,pot belly’s and beery  T shirts as well as people with a sense of fashion, of sorts. All seemed well and I felt at home.



The beer choice was good.

20180513_143955 (2)

As was the simple food offering.

Possibly too much for one punter to take in all at once.


The pub itself is a wonderful old style traditional pub, with some concessions to the modern age, the barman was a hipster, he had a beard anyway.

20180513_152057 (2)

20180513_150123                               Its a top pub, good beer and Pork Baps.

I even treated myself to a crafty takeaway.

Dennis Hopper IPA

Anything called Dennis Hopp’r IPA has to be good. It was.

The last pub of the day saved the day.

Its always worth remembering, when in Carshalton , there’s always Hope.

3 thoughts on “Carshalton #4 ( The final push)

  1. Great posts Citra, finishing on a good pub helps a great deal though and you certainly deserved it after that lot..

    Mind what’s even worse in my view is finishing on a bad pub – even after a good one or two.

    What beer did you go for?…

    Looks like the Knight of the Garter or Oz Bomb?

    Liked by 1 person

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