Still Underneath the Arches

Of course Railway arches have many uses, traditionally things like car repair shops, even boxing clubs.


But around Enid and Druid streets and I’m sure beyond, many are being used for modern arts and crafts, beer is of course a big thing but there are  wine sellers, artisan cheese, artist workshops along with cafe’s and coffee shops, its quite a vibrant scene.

But back to beer. after the Moor Tap Room we made our way to another new offering, Hiver.

hiver (2)

As the name may suggest, the emphasis is on beers made with honey, however served up in poly-whatever cups, that stated “this is not a plastic glass” (could have fooled me), the resulting beer ,in this case simply called  IPA, was rather non-descript  and was the only real disappointment of the day.

Onward, well slightly back on ourselves to UBREW, a card only place, except there was trouble with card transactions on the day so they reverted to good old cash.

A fair selection of “out there” beer

Next the Bottle Shop.

bottle shop

Very popular this one as you can see. There are two bars , upstairs and down, and a massive selection of bottled beer covering the whole spectrum, Big Steve was particularly in awe of the Belgian selection.

A few arches away is Anspach & Hobday, I had my beer of the day here, aptly called The Black Citra Sour, it was gorgeous , but then I have funny tastes. Be warned though you may encounter Hipsters here.


At this point we went to the pub.


Another lively place


There was a decent cask selection on but my head was turned by the remnants of a Thornbridge tap takeover I had three different halves, all keg and all excellent. Nice pub the only disappointing aspect was seeing a couple preforming a nappy change on their offspring on top of one of the tables, surely not compliant with health & safety. I wonder where Retired Martin sat when he checked into the pub an hour or so after me? If your’e wondering Martin, the dastardly deed took place on the table by the window behind the bloke in the blue lumber shirt.

A visit to the next railway arch found us  at Hawkes Cidery, It appears I have no photos of this but I’m sure you get the picture, It’s a railway arch that sells Cider.

I was looking forward to the next one, The Barrel Project, specialising in barrel aged beers. unfortunately this was shut.

So on to the final planned stop Southwark Brewing.

southwark berw

My first cask beer of the day, Cascade single hop, not bad but I had better keg beers on the day.

All in all a nice day out.

6 thoughts on “Still Underneath the Arches

  1. Great read. We sat in that exact same spot in the Marquess, the one with “Citra was here” carved in the table.

    Interesting to read about card problems; what do you do if you’ve no cash 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Very interesting arches (and contents) Citra.

    Is that a hipster or Captain Birdseye?…

    “This is not a plastic glass”…seems like a classic bit of self denial..
    …perhaps the drinks manufacturers will jump on that one – ‘This is not a plastic bottle’ – should solve the planet’s plastic bottle problem..!

    Liked by 1 person

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