Underneath The Arches

The Bermondsey Beer Mile, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea so to speak, but I enjoy it, I had a solo trip last year and liked it so much I returned, this time accompanied by Big Steve. I should point out the following pictures are a mix from last Saturday as well as my maiden trip on 29/4/17

We started off at Fourpure, a number one bus handily took us from Waterloo to right outside the gates of the trading estate housing the brewery, at least it would have done had we not alighted a stop early.

At odds with the title, Fourpure is not in a railway arch but a simple unit, it’s still surrounded by them though.

You can get Salty Loins here!

Some serious brewing kit inside.


And good end product.


A ten or so minute walk brought us to Almond Road.

almond rd

And the first arch, Eebria Tap Room , some proper London murk was to be had.

Don’t drink with your’e eyes

More walking and we got to the crawl proper and Brew By Numbers.

brew by nos

More murk, lovely.

Keep your eyes closed

Next was The Moor Beer Vaults, a new addition from last year, and a good one.





Time to visit the dark side.

moor beer (2)

Two different beers, on the left a Black IPA, on the right a hoppy coffee stout, it might not sound right, but very good all the same.

Four stops done and no cask beer yet but all keg so far very good.

To be continued………….

2 thoughts on “Underneath The Arches

  1. Yes I was expecting them to be, when I first did the “mile” in April 17 Druid St was really heaving when it got to one in one out on the doors, so tried to get through earlier this time and it worked.


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