Not So Cool In Poole

Wondering where to go on a Sunday with nothing particular to do I stuck a pin in a map and it landed on Poole. Well not quite true I looked on google maps and Pubs Galore, decided there was a good number of pubs there along with the fact I hadn’t been there in many years, I jumped on a train.

Arriving at 11.50, good timing for a Sunday session, a ten minute walk brought me to pub number one.  The Brewhouse.

Brew House Poole2 (2)

A small, not unattractive looking pub from the outside, it was a little less remarkable within, a long extended single room, a couple of pool tables and a dartboard to the rear. The bar itself was of some interest, it looked almost like a beach bar had been transported from a Mediterranean beach and plonked in the pub complete with some terracotta tile roofing unfortunately not captured in the photo below.brew house poole 4

The pub is actually owned by Milk Street Brewery and unsurprisingly three of their beers were on along with a guest of Animal London Porter. Very much a locals pub, I liked it here.

Next up The Kings Head

Kings Head Poole (2)

Again decent looking on the exterior, as are many of Poole’s pubs, this one was opened out inside and seemingly lacking in any great pub atmosphere. Beers were from the Hall & Woodhouse stable, and my Tanglefoot was decidedly average.

The Rope & Anchor was pub three, rope & anchor poole.jpg3 (2)

Just a couple of doors down from the kings Head, another charmer on approach, but unfortunately over modernised inside , although a little more upmarket than the neighboring Kings Head, it was equally stripped of real pubbiness.  The beers this time where all from Wadworth, my pint of Horizon was ok.

rope & anchor poole (2)
Overly modern interior

Back past the Kings Head to The Antelope, a Greene King pub I initially walked past because, well Its a GK pub, but I needed a quick food fix.

Antelope and kings head poole (2)

A typical chain pub with usual suspect beer in the shape of Greene King IPA, Abbot and Old Speckled Hen. My roast beef was over cooked and the carrots needed a kango to make an impression on them, no wonder it was cheap.

I won’t describe what the IPA was like, I’m sure you can guess.



After the beer and food disappointment of The Antelope I headed to The King Charles

Poole King Charles (2)

An attractive looking pub inside and out, lots of old woodwork in the rambling interior made this a nice place to relax for a drink, however the beer snob in me was left disappointed  with the beers on offer, Doom Bar and Atlantic from Sharps plus a rather tired St Austel Tribute.

So far I had been a bit underwhelmed by the Poole pub experience with the exception of The Brewhouse.

Next I would be heading to the tourist hell of the Quay.


2 thoughts on “Not So Cool In Poole

  1. Worrying start beer quality wise at least, but all credit to you for exploring them all.
    It does show what a lottery the average pub experience can be especially outside of the GBG.

    However I’m of a similar mind and happy to try them all…
    …it’s also a bit of a shame that so many pubs have become a single, often soul-less space…
    Btw just off to read part 2 so don’t know what happens next….

    Liked by 1 person

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