Hot Town, Summer In The City

The heatwave was well under way and I headed to London to meet up with Paul Mudge from The Beer And Pubs Forum for a saunter around a few pubs.

I got into town an hour and a half before our meet up time of 12 noon, so I took a stroll across the Thames,heading toward Trafalgar Square.



Spotting a sunbather down below.

thames dog (2)
Catching some ray’s

With an hour to kill I wandered around the National Gallery, I don’t mind a bit of art.

Sunflowers (2)
The tourists can’t get enough of Van Gogh

Time to head to The Harp to meet up with Paul, I spotted him trying to get in through the open window just before opening time.

paul (2)
Paul Mudge raring to get going

I gave the Hophead a go, while Paul went with the Harveys.harp beer (2)

The Hophead was good, the slightly murky Harveys was changed without prompt for a fresh one by the barman.

harp 5 (2)
Other beers are available


Before Paul thinks he’s going mad, I nipped back in here and took the last two photos after leaving him with the intention of a swift pint of Dark Star Six Hop which I spied earlier in the day, unfortunately for me it had by then morphed into Twickenham Redhead, so a consoled myself with a Weird Beard Mariana Trench before heading onward to Waterloo.

There were five more pubs sandwiched between the last two photos and the preceding two, so more to follow soon.



2 thoughts on “Hot Town, Summer In The City

  1. This is still one of the top London pubs, isn’t it ?

    When you say your Harveys was changed without prompt, do you mean the barman saw it was cloudy before you said anything ?


    1. It was Pauls pint and he hadn’t mentioned a problem with the beer, the barman who also happens to be the cellarman realised it was on its last legs and decided it wasn’t good enough.
      Yes,top pub.

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