Beyond The Harp

When I agreed to meet up with Paul on the Sunday leg of his long weekend of visiting pubs mostly of heritage interest, none of the proposed pubs were new to me, I new the company would be good, I also knew the pubs would have interesting interiors, I was though,  expecting beer that didn’t set my pulse racing, a.k.a Boring Brown Beer ,(excluding The Harp of course). I was spot on with the first two thoughts and happily quite wrong on the third.

Leaving the Harp we went a hundred yards or so around the corner into St Martins Lane and into The Chandos. Its a Sam Smiths pub, they’re well known for their interesting interiors and while this is not the most ornate it is quite a pleasant space.

It was quite noticeable on such a hot day that the air conditioning was full on.

I sometimes when in a Smiths pub, which is not that often, force myself to try a pint of OBB, just so I can justify calling it a BBB.

Mr Mudge’s pint

But I bottled it and went keg, if that makes sense?

sam smiths extra stout
Samuel Smiths Extra Stout

It was lovely.

We left The Chandos and back into the heat of St Martins Lane , a bit further up the road is The Salisbury. It was a bit colder when the picture below was taken.

20171117_183950 (2)
Picture taken on a November evening in 2017

The Salisbury is a pub of late Victorian splendor with dark ornate woodwork, etched windows and mirrors, chandeliers hang from the high ceiling, there are also some fine looking Art Deco , or is Art Nouveau, light fixtures and fittings that do not look out of place.


The Salisbury was a well known gay pub in the 1960s and the pub scenes from the 1961 film The Victim, starring Dirk Bogarde  were filmed here.

Nowadays its a Greene King pub that attracts the tourist, but there is a decent beer range other than the GK usual suspects, Trumans Bow Bells was my choice.

Three pubs down and three good beers, we will be moving on to Soho next.



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