Not So,So-So In Soho

Following on from the last post Paul and I left The Salisbury heading north toward Soho, arriving in Greek Street the first port of call was The Coach & Horses.

Coach & Horses Greek St

An impressive looking corner pub, but once inside it’s the complete opposite to the opulence of The Salisbury , It’s rather basic inside with a well worn carpeted floor and tatty furniture, wood paneled walls and what I would call normal pub seating, no high rise nonsense. Running  around the base of the bar is something you don’t see everyday, a stone spittoon trough, presumably not in use nowadays.


The pub also has its own wildlife,

cat (2).jpg

A real proper boozer this, but even proper boozers give some lee-way to the World Cup.

coach1 (2).jpg

It’s a Fullers pub and Paul went traditional with an ESB, I took the Guest beer route with Redemption Hopspur, as it turned out my best beer of the day.

A top pub with nothing so-so about it at all.


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