The Seven Stars And The Stairs Of Death

An iconic backstreet boozer, The Seven Stars is the most proper of pubs.

seven stars carey st (2)

Sitting in Carey Street directly behind the Royal Courts of Justice its one of London’s oldest pubs, having survived the great fire of London. Owned by Fullers (who thankfully have left it to its own devices) , Its been run for many years by the eccentric Roxy Beaujolais who among her other talents is a cookery book author having appeared on TV as well as being front of house in Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in Soho back in the day.

Inside its a little quirky and can become a little cramped at busy times so pick your moment for a more relaxing drink.

seven stars.4

Despite the ownership of Fullers none of their beers or branding are evident, the choices are from Adnams, Harveys and Whitstable.

The pub is made up of three separate walk through rooms, with some art work on display.

seven stars 5
seven stars 7
It’s getting busy, but the guy behind the bar still has time to check his messages
seven stars 9 (2)
Everyone’s having a good time

Its a good place to be.

Oh, and if you feel the call of nature, you have to face the stairs of death.

seven stars stairs
Beware the descent

Its worth the risk.


5 thoughts on “The Seven Stars And The Stairs Of Death

  1. Nice post Citra.

    Fuller’s with no Fullers beers is a strange thing – the Fullers pubs I’ve seen are very regimented in their approach in selling their own beers. Nice to see they can manage a different approach occasionally. perhaps the landlady’s eccentricity has something to do with that…

    I like the multi room approach – a mostly lost aspect of pubs these days – it reminds a bit of Witches Brew in Southampton (which is obviously a micro not a pub).


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