Upping The Ante In Surbiton

Nestling in the middle of leafy Maple Road in Suburban Surbiton , is The Antelope .

Antelope2 (2)

An attractive looking building building, it just beckons you in, and once lured through the door you will discover  a beer lovers paradise.

antelope 7,18.4

Even Retired Martin may know one of these beers.

ante pumps

The Antelope is home to the Big Smoke Brew Co.  The brewery is at the back of the beer garden. Of the ten Handpumps three are usually occupied by their own brews.

Apart from the real ale , there is a crafty corner

antelope1 (2)

And around the corner from that there is plenty of real Cider.

Once you have made your choice,

Antelope.wild beer millionaire
Wild Beer Millionaire

you can sit down on the sensible seating and take in the interesting  surroundings,

Antelope fire
A well waxed, if slightly fuzzy fireplace.
Antelope.clock (2)
A clock

Of course the pub sees plenty of beer enthusiasts.

Antelope beer hunters 2
Antelope beer hunters
More enthusiasts and a pint of Swannay Seafire

But The Antelope also attracts young families just out for a pleasant time.

Antelope3 (2)

It’s a great pub, a big favourite of mine, the beer is London prices though but if you use the pub often enough, there is a small incentive.

antelope loyalty (2)

Which reminds me, It’s time I paid another visit.






6 thoughts on “Upping The Ante In Surbiton

  1. Great find Citra, looks like an amazing pub and presumably in an unlikely place?

    ….and just enough hand pumps to keep Martin happy 😀

    Could have sworn you would have gone for the Citra though…🙄


    1. Yes a great pub, especially if you are into your’e beers, I’ve been using this pub over the last four years or so, I would most certainly have gone for the Citra but that photo was from a previous earlier this year.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I visit Kingston every few years and have used the Antelope on my last few visits and enjoyed it. Good to be reminded of another GBG pub I’ve inadvertently ticked.

    Liked by 1 person

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