Waggon Wheels Keep On Rolling


Its high time I wrote about the pub that has been my local for most of my drinking days. The Waggon & Horses. Set in the Hampshire village of Hartley Wintney, a village you couldn’t exactly call sleepy being sat on the A.30 although there are some quiet places.

hw graveyard 2.jpg

Also some no go areas.


There was once, long before my time, a brewery in the village.

Kenwards stout

But back to the pub.

waggon original.jpg

When I started drinking here in the late 1970’s, there were four other pubs in the village centre, The Lamb Hotel, The Swan, The Little Crown and The Cricketers, only The Waggon and Cricketers now survive. For over thirty five years or so the pub was run by Linda and Niall.

wag L&N.jpg
Picture taken by Big Steve Tallent

Much beer was served over those years.

wag niall
Dark Star APA

With Linda and Niall retiring a couple of years ago the pub has been taken on by former barman Kaesey.

wagg gbg

Despite extra pubco restraints the pub continues to flourish with a good variety of beer, though sadly no longer Dark Star.

wag beer2

The Waggon & Horses is a traditional two bar pub,

wag saloon
Saloon Bar

deemed heritage status by CAMRA.

Food is served daytimes, as demonstrated in the slideshow below by Big Steve.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The pub has many other features,

Dog friendly

wag bubbles.jpg
Bubbles ruining a fine shot of the heritage floor.

Alfresco smoking.

wag smoking.jpg


wag con
Rabbit rabbit

But sometimes words mean nothing at all.

wag no con.jpg
The sound of silence

The bar staff here are always keen to serve

Straining at the leash

Sometimes rude , like some of the punters.

But never fear, the guvnor can spot a punter coming from 200 yards away.

wag kaes (2).jpg

Its a great little unspoilt pub, and if you’re very lucky you might spot the mobile D.J.

waggon steve arnold



6 thoughts on “Waggon Wheels Keep On Rolling

  1. Brilliant post Citra – had me chuckiling – especially the mobile dj…and the classic slidesshow of Big Steve dining…

    I’m guessing that there’s a few photos from across the years in this post – no doubt with some happy memories…

    Is the old beer mat part of your collection…?

    I see Courage Best Bitter on cask in one of the photos – any good?… I tried it in keg for the first time I can remember last week – wasn’t too bad to be honest – quite drinkable (good)…


  2. Thanks GH, most photos are from the last two years, a couple a bit earlier, unfortunately the beer mat is not mine. The Waggon has always served cask Courage Best In my living memory(as well as keg in the past), It was a Simmonds pub before becoming a Courage pub. I cut my real ale teeth on Courage Best and probably took 25 years to wean myself off of it, not my beer style of choice these days but I think its a decent pint if thats your thing, probably had about 5 pints of it in the last 10 years.


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