Camel Pie

Well not actually Camel in the pie, but a pie in The Camel. The Camel being a finely restored Victorian backstreet  boozer in Bethnal Green or to be more precise,  Globe Town . 


Sat on the corner of the delightfully named Sugar Loaf Walk, its not a particularly large pub, a single but long room inside, with wooden flooring, a fine sturdy dark wood bar, complete with brass hand and foot rails, some nice wheelback chairs and basic tables , floral wallpaper and pendant lighting, it all makes for a cosy pub.

camel 3 (2)
Chairs, tables and board games in the corner
Camel bar 1 (3)
Wallpaper and pendant lighting

The third light along in the above picture is actually a reflection, the back wall being covered with a huge mirror.

The beer choice is decent, not way out there but nice, Truman’s Bow Bells , Adnams Mosaic and Sambrooks Wandle.

Camel 2 (2)
Just three ales on

And what about the pies, well they were bloody good, a choice of about ten varieties, from plain and simple to exotic. I went semi posh and had Steak and Stilton, or Moo Blue as it was called on the menu, Tony, my traveling partner for the day, tried his hand at Steak and Chorizo , he rated it, complete with mash ,mushy peas and gravy it was a cracking feast for just under a tenner.

Camel pies (2)
Tony gets stuck in
Camel bar 1 (2)
And mops up

I’m sure Martin has already noted the charming Adnams glass above.

A lovely little pub that around the turn of the century was closed for five years and threatened with demolition, thankfully it survived.

3 thoughts on “Camel Pie

  1. Good read, Citra. Glad to hear it’s doing well. A decade ago it got in the Guide and had one of the best pints of Broadside I’ve had, but it dropped out soon after (back now). One of the first signs of upmarket pubiffication (?) in Bethnal Green back then.

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