The Backstreets Of Bethnal Green All Lead To Old Street

Salmon & Ball Bethnal Green.

Exiting Bethnal Green tube station Tony and I were ready for a days pubbing . Being the Bethnal Green pub expert I led the way, getting my bearings from the prominent  Salmon & Ball over the road as I have done many times before we headed due east at a pace toward Globe Town. After 5 minutes walk and spotting The Carpenters Arms to my right It dawned on me we were actually heading south and would be in The Blind Beggar before we knew it, cue handbrake turn. After a bit of backtracking and cutting through a few backstreets we made the Florist Arms.

florist arms

Floral on the outside,

florist arms 2

But a good honest boozer inside. We had a pint but were getting peckish, Pizza was on the menu here but I had pies on my mind, so The Camel it was.

Camel pies (3)
Blue Moo

Once our hunger was satisfied we headed off toward Columbia Road with a brief stop in The Dundee Arms on the way.

Columbia Road hosts the famous flower market and is quite impressive, but this was a non market day and a lot quieter, the shop fronts are colourful though.


We called into The Royal Oak, where the geezer got set on fire in Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels, The Nelsons Head and The Bird Cage, along the way taking in some lovely old backstreets.

bethnal green shop (2)bethnal green shop and yard (2)

Time for more drinking and we headed to The Kings Arms in Buckfast Street. Martin and Quinno visited recently.

Kings Arms Bethnal Green (2)

Traditional on the outside but modernised inside, it is the home of good beer and has a positive vibrancy about it.

A Nice Stout

So whats the title about? This is Bethnal Green ,and we have seen  some backstreets, but this is not Old Street and we had no intention of going there on this occasion, Old Street is in fact a new Brewery & Taproom in a railway arch, in Gales Gardens. The approach is something to behold.

Old st brew approach 1 (2)
One mans junk is another mans furniture
Old st brew approach (2)
Tony getting impatient while I’m in David Bailey mode
old street brewery 3 (2)
We made it

Of course its a typical railway arch affair, you can only do so much with one.

old street brewery 1 (2)
Outside seating
old street brewery 4 (2)
Inside seating
old street brewery (2)

All the beers were not really what you would call session beers, there was one Lager style beer at 4.9% the other seven or eight started at the 8% mark.

old street brewery Tony (2)
The reality of an 8.4% beer begins to dawn on Tony

We were now ready for the nearby tube station,

Tony wanted to test out The Stairs Of Death in Carey Street.






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