You Can’t Hide Your Prying Eyes

paul pry gate (2)

The Paul Pry was the first “proper pub” visited on the recent Beer And Pubs Forum , having met up in the nearby Spoons, The Postal Order.

The pub is wedge shaped and quite imposing upon approach, it also boasts heritage status.

paul pry 1 (2)

The first thing you notice as you enter the pub is the wonderfully tiled corridor leading to the Ladies and Gents.

paul pry corridor

It’s a two roomed pub, the room to the left appears more of a function/dining room , the room to the right, front of the wedge is the main drinking area, complete with an ornate Mahogany back bar.

Paul Pry back bar
Soon to be obscured by thirsty pub crawlers
pual pry
Whose round is it?

Soon everyone had a pint and found their seats, leaving just the one straggler at the bar,

paul pry dog 2
Pub Dog

and leaving the bloggers among us to get down to some serious note taking.

paul pry bloggers
Richard and Mudgie

Retired Martin was to Join us later, he was probably still in bed at this point.

To offset some of the impressive woodwork on show, there was a touch of quirkiness.

paul pry guitar
Guitar,Ukulele and Stone Roses.

The Stone Roses Album cover was to denote the current vinyl playing, it was of course something completely different coming through the speakers.

The beer Garden was tiny and compact, but was a pleasant little space.


It was just the second pub of the day and proved to be one of my favourites, a reasonable beer selection, albeit a tad on the tired side, from Salopian, Animal, Paul Pry house beer(Popes?)  and Lilly The Pink Cider. A fine establishment.




10 thoughts on “You Can’t Hide Your Prying Eyes

  1. Lovely pub Citra the tiling and the back of bar is amazing – and the clock centre piece looks really good.

    Great action shots of the professional pubmen in action. I think the note taking one is the best – no hi-tech gadgets visible – just the traditional pen and notepad – marvellous.

    Must try to get along to one of these outings…

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  2. Yes I liked the pub, but the general theme of the day was nice pubs but average, or worse,beer quality in Worcester with a couple of exceptions, I’m just back from a cracking three days in Manchester, meeting up with the PubsGalore crowd for a big Friday crawl. it would be good if you could make a meet up some when, they’re good fun, the next planned trip is with The Beer And Pubs Forum lot in St Albans on November 5th (a Monday), with the bonus of Roger Protz joining us for the day.

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    1. Mixed results at Worcester then – just the cask ale lottery I guess and another day the casks could have been in much better condition.
      Not really seen the PubsGalore website – must look in…
      St Albans sounds really good and I’d love to meet the iconic Mr Protz. Sadly workdays no good for me at the moment, but as I’m retiring at Christmas – I’ll look forward to joining you on a trip in the new year.

      Liked by 1 person

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