Testing The Water In The Northern Quarter

manchester bluetit
Nice Tit

The main purpose of my first ever trip to Manchester was a planned pub crawl on a Friday with the folk from the  PubsGalore Forum, of which I am one. However after previous pub crawls with this crowd in York and Hull I decided a day trip was just not on, I wanted to see a bit of Manchester while I was here, Not only pubs and beer, so I booked into the cheapest hotel I could find (above} for a couple of nights.

Arriving at Piccadilly station  just 10 minutes behind schedule 13.10 on Thursday lunchtime, I had a couple of hours to kill before I could check in. What to do? I know I could murder a pint , so Piccadilly Tap it was. Conveniently placed just around the corner  from the station I headed straight there. In fact it was so conveniently placed , I walked straight past it, such was the anonymous frontage, and spent ten minutes wandering aimlessly around trying to find the place. It wasn’t actually all that when I did, despite a decent range  of beer ,the place was so bland I refuse to post any pictures of it on here, just as well because they were rubbish pictures anyway. I finished my pint of Shindigger West Coast Pale NBSS 3,  (OK just the one Picture).

Shindigger condensation not murk

I headed in the general direction of the Easy Hotel and took in a little more  street art.

man tarrif st

And some strange shop windows.

man window
Slightly unsettling

I found the hotel still with an hour to kill, a cunning plan formed in my mind, I shall go and find a proper pub. I did and I shall see you there shortly……..


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