Plain Sailing

high barnet lord nelson 1

My last post took me to High Barnet and then Hell and back, the whole point of heading to the far reaches of the Northern line was to experience this  pub . And a fine experience it was. However I couldn’t go all that way without visiting a few more pubs, so walking past Ye Olde Mitre Inne I headed west toward The Lord Nelson.

high barnet lord nelson

Its hidden away from the main road down a small residential side street, of course expecting it to be on the main road I initially walked straight past it. A traditional pub it looked rather splendid in the bright October sunshine. Inside, carpeted and wallpapered, it was a perfect manifestation of  a traditional pub, apart from the fact it was almost empty, aside from one old boy sat at the bar.

high barnet lord nelson old boy
Old boy,salt & pepper pots

There was a fair bit of bric-a-brack around the place, including a collection of salt & pepper pots as you can see beyond old boy in the picture above, there was also a nautical theme with various models and paintings of sailing ships dotted around the pub.

high barnet lord nelson nautical
Bits and Pieces

The Lord Nelson is a Youngs pub, so I wasn’t expecting too much on the beer front. I was correct.

high barnet lord nelson beer

Just the two beers on, ideal for some, but not for me, I needed some hops. A lovely comfortable pub but ultimately a disappointment for me with two rather plain beers to choose from, so I downed my very ordinary pint of ordinary and headed back east.



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