Marvelous Marble Arch

man marble arch

On my recent trip to Manchester, there was one pub I was determined to visit, The Marble Arch. The 130 year old iconic pub became home to Marble Brewery in 1997 and remains the brewery tap to this day, the brewery itself has now relocated to a nearby railway arch. The first thing I noticed upon entering is the sloping age worn floral mosaic floor, running down one side of the room to the bar at the far end of the room, the remainder of the floor is of red quarry tile. The interior is suitably ornate, with glazed golden yellow tiling on the walls and ceiling softly highlighted by the pendant lighting and set off by the red window curtains.

man marble arch interior
Spot the beer

I made two visits here, firstly late on a Thursday afternoon, I headed straight to a vacant bar stool set in the corner of the room, after quickly running my eye over the nine handpumps , I made my choice, Marble beers dominated of course, but that was fine by me,I’m a fan, I went for the Marble Pale at a reasonably hefty 5.4%, I found the price a bit hefty too, at £4.75.

man marble pale

It was a beautifully juicy pint, NBSS 3.5.

I returned the following day, early afternoon on the Friday as part of the Pubs Galore Autumn Crawl.  It was then that I spotted the wide ranging price list.

man marble beer
How much?

The pub crawl attendees were around 15 strong, from all over the country, not all attended this pub , some being more local than others and having been here before chose other destinations before rejoining later, those that did come here , were unanimous with me in enjoying a great Manchester pub.

man marble pug
Pubs Galore talk

There were many more pubs to follow.

5 thoughts on “Marvelous Marble Arch

  1. Many places were on a par with London price-wise, depends what and where you drink though, had a pint in a Holts pub for £2.93. It’s a great pub city.


  2. “Spot the beer”

    Blimey. Is it disguised as bottles on the left?

    ” I found the price a bit hefty too, at £4.75.”

    Crikey. That’s worse than over here in Canada!

    “How much?”

    Indeed. The lager’s the most expensive thing on the list!

    “Pubs Galore talk”

    Love the WiFi password listed above the bar. 🙂

    “There were many more pubs to follow.”

    Wouldn’t be a crawl if it was only one pub. 😉


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