A Mix Of Styles

man tariff st.jpgOf course nowadays we’ve never had it so good in regard to the availability and range of available beers and beer styles. Confusing to some who are just happy with the Best Bitter they have supped for the last 20,30, 40 or more years or the occasional pubgoer who drink Doom Bar because they have heard of it, and it’s Cornish really, so it must be good, right? But pub numbers  continue to decline and if they stay the same this will carry on, beer drinking in pubs as many of us know it is ailing and slowly eroding away, so change in the mix of pubs and beers is necessary  to keep thinks vibrant and hopefully moving in the right direction. Of course there is room for the old style traditional pub , I like nothing better than an old school traditional pub, the same goes for traditional beer though I personally prefer a good stout or porter to a best bitter. But this traditional idyll  now needs a shot in the arm to keep the general beer and pub scene alive. So with this in mind I continued my wanderings around  Manchester.

First stop on this particular leg was The Northern Monk  Refectory in Tariff Street a bit of a mouthful of a name, but a modern bar selling in the main “exciting” craft beer.

man northern monk refractory.jpg

Housed in a large building with a non-descript  entrance, it doesn’t look too alluring. Inside is rather sparse yet efficient in the modern way.

man northern monk 1.jpg

The bar is practical but not beautiful.

man northern monk 1 bar

There are four cask beers advertised, but on my visit only Timothy Taylor Landlord was available, but I’m a modern guy and went keg, there were sixteen to choose from, I settled for Northern Monk Eternal Session IPA, very bitter and murky, but served in a charmingly unique glass.

man northern monk beer.jpg

Not a place to endear itself to some I’m sure, but all part of the diverse pub tapestry I believe is required for a healthy scene.

I shall continue looking at different styles of pubs, good, bad and indifferent soon.

3 thoughts on “A Mix Of Styles

    1. That’s the only one I’ve been to, basically It’s a large craft bar/taproom showcasing their beers, I thought it was quite smart though not a place for an extended stay.


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