Sheep In Wolves Clothing

man crown and anchor hilton st.jpg

After leaving the Northern Monk  Refectory , its not far to The Crown and Anchor on Hilton Street, on approach it looks every inch a traditional corner pub. Once inside I found to my disappointment its been somewhat opened out and modernised.

man crown and anchor hilton st 1.jpg

There was little in the way of traditional pub atmosphere that I could detect. It was though reasonably well attended by  predominantly young age . The furnishings were basic but cheap looking. I found the beer choice of four different beers from the five hand pumps to be rather pedestrian, but I admit to being a bit fussy, I settled for a Robinsons Trooper , which was probably the least favorite beer I tried over my three day stay, the other options being Doom Bar, Landlord and Moorhouse White Witch. so not really my kind of place, It wasn’t what it appeared to be, but seemed popular which from the pubs point of view is the name of the game.

man crown and anchor hilton st dog.jpg
Dog mop

I was however intrigued by the cleaning system the cleaners left laying on the floor while on their tea break.

The next pub was near by and more up my street.

5 thoughts on “Sheep In Wolves Clothing

    1. Landlord is OK Dave but not uncommon in the area where I come from, Robinsons a lot more less so apart from Dizzy Blonde. In this case Landlord would have been the better bet, I just got it wrong.


  1. “It was though reasonably well attended by predominantly young age”

    That says a lot right there. What we find enjoyable in a pub doesn’t transfer to someone in a younger age (decade) bracket. 😉

    “Dog mop”

    LOL. Goes perfect, as you point out, with the sign beside him. 🙂


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