Hanging Around In The Countryside

Tomorrows menu?

You know its a proper country pub when you are greeted by some of the locals, hanging around outside the pub door.

The Anchor In Lower Froyle, set in the Hampshire countryside certainly is one.

Inside it is everything you would expect, ancient wooden beams and rafters ,dangerously low ceiling’s, horse brasses and endless bric a brac and general clutter on every available shelf space.

There also seemed to be a slight military theme with various caps and helmets hanging from the woodwork.

It’s got a piano as well

Three beers were on and I’d heard of them all.

Ringwood  Boondoggle is the shy one

 The Boondoggle was in good shape, not so sure about the bar snacks though. A lovely pub.

A country classic.

5 thoughts on “Hanging Around In The Countryside

  1. Marstons stronghold by the looks of it (not especially surprising for Hampshire)- but good to see the Triple f’s Alton’s Pride ‘guest beer’

    Really nice looking country pub – bloke in his shiney armani suit trousers spoils it a bit though…where’s the farmer in his dung encrusted wellies when you need one..:)

    Not tempted by one of those ‘shapely’ bar snacks then Citra…?

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      1. Ahhh – Marston’s beers a bit of a red herring (or coincidence then)…..not that I’m against Marstons – had a very nice pint of Razor Back to day in the Drift Inn, Beaulieu Road, New Forest.


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