St Albans Saunter

We have already had some excellent reports of this very good day out from both Richard Coldwell  and  Peter Allen  , while waiting for Martin Taylor’s offering, here are a few snippets from myself. Having been in the planning a couple of months I was more than looking forward to this proper day out with some of the Illuminati of beer writers and bloggers, but some two and a half weeks before day, a certain medical event had, I thought dealt a mortal blow to my plans, this of course began to play on my mind and come the day I made a snap decision to up my cardiac rehabilitation a few notches and headed for the train, definitely a case of heart ruling the head. Nonetheless I made good time to St Albans despite having to restrain myself on more than one occassion from running up and down escalators like some kind of deranged superhuman . Alighting at around 12:10 I made my way to the first stop, The Robin Hood.
st albans Robin Hood 1Not far from the train station the pub stood out among the terraced houses either side of it, the rest of the group were already in and seated, starting on the side of caution I ordered up a Harveys Best and joined them.
st albans Robin Hood interior.jpg
Who’s Who

A basic but comfortable pub, my beer was in good condition, It seemed a good place to kick off a pub crawl and I quite liked the look of the jukebox.
st albans Robin Hood jukebox 1.jpg

We moved on to pub number two on the list The Mermaid.

St albans Mermaid , Duncan Mackay , Martin Taylor.jpg
Duncan and Martin framed by a Mermaid

Another no frills pub, my pint of Oakham Citra was top notch, Peter Allen agreed, and he’s a Carling man, high praise indeed.

Moving on to The Boot, a fine looking 15th century pub with a good beer choice, unfortunately my Oakham JHB was on the tired side of good, despite the enthusiastic barman claiming it was new albans boot.jpg With another four pubs still to visit, we shall continue after the interlude.


One thought on “St Albans Saunter

  1. “definitely a case of heart ruling the head. ”

    I don’t think anyone of us would have done different.

    “Who’s Who”

    Hmmm. Starting on the left and going clockwise I’d say:

    No idea (sorry); someone who looks familiar (blush); pubmeister; Roger Protz; Mr. Coldwell (and the Missus tucked in behind him); Martin; and another don’t know (alas).

    “Peter Allen agreed, and he’s a Carling man, high praise indeed.”

    Aha! He’s the final fellow in the trip round the table photo above. 🙂

    “With another four pubs still to visit, we shall continue after the interlude.”

    Always good to take a short break. 🙂



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