2018 Pubs Of The Year Part Four


October was quite a month, my first ever visit to Manchester, I stayed over two nights and visited several pubs that should grace these pages, but unfortunately the rule is one pub per month, also October graced  me with my first near death and out of body experience, weird to say the least. But enough of all that, Octobers pub is …….

The Marble Arch

man marble arch This  Manchester pub was once home of Marble Brewery and is still the brewery  tap . Another Iconic pub with a sloping mosaic floor and wonderful interior, the beers, mostly Marble, were spot on in quality. A smashing pub.


In recovery mode, but managed to push my luck enough to make it enjoyable, a trip to St Alban’s saw me meet up with the folk from The Beer And Pubs Forum , Twitters Stephen Pie ,  as well as guest star and local guide Roger Protz   , a great day out with good pubs, but Novembers pub is in Dorset.

Square & Compass

s&q pub

A great traditional rustic pub sat high and exposed above the Jurassic coastline in Worth Matravers, at the mercy of all kinds of harsh weather, which was drizzle on my visit, but whatever the conditions it would be hard to find a more welcoming pub, a bit out of the way but well worth the effort.


The Antelope

Antelope2 (2)

A bit closer to home for me in leafy Surbiton, The Antelope  has been a favourite pub of mine since discovering it around six years ago, great beer , cask and keg in a comfortable friendly atmosphere, plus three or four really good beer festivals a year.

Honorable mention time

wag new

So that’s  my twelve pubs of the year, difficult because you have to omit many equally good pubs, not least my local, The Waggon & Horses  I’ve been in it at least a few times nearly every week over the last forty years, maybe it doesn’t have the best beer I’ve ever had and maybe it’s not the best pub I’ve ever been in, but I’ve had some of the best times I’ve ever had in a pub there and It’s always been there(so far) , It can’t be too bad If I still use it after all those years, never underestimate your local.



2 thoughts on “2018 Pubs Of The Year Part Four

  1. Some lovely pubs Citra and a very enjoyable summary looking back on your of your ‘year in pubs’. Your pub photos would make a nice calendar for the pub shed (hmmm there’s a thought)….

    I hope your recovery to full health is going well and wish you a Happy New Year.


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