Take A Butchers

butchers hook (2)

A trip to Southampton last Saturday saw me leave The Bookshop Alehouse  on a number 7 bus crossing the River Itchen into Bitterne in search of a new scalp, The Butchers Hook. I would have happily walked the mile or so but the weather was being less than cooperative, it was two quid well spent. Well spent apart from the fact I overshot the stop I should have got off at and had to walk back five minutes in the hissing rain. The next problem was trying to find the bloody place, Its set in a small triangle of some twenty or  so shops and food outlets, a couple of circuits later, becoming  increasingly damper I nailed it down, there is no exterior signage apart from on the glass window in the front door, but for future reference not only do I know which bus stop to get off at , the pub is located between The Bitterne Balti and the Tattoo Parlour.

The Butchers Hook is of course a Micropub, the first apparently, of now quite a few in Southampton.

Inside there is plenty of practical if not particularly comfortable seating.

butchers 4 (2)
Steamy windows

There is a large chalkboard on the wall with all the beery options available.

butchers 3 (3)
Beery choices

Sometimes though such choice can be hard work even for experienced hipsters and beermen.

butchers choice
What to go for?
butchers 2 (2)
I just don’t know

I had no such deliberations and was straight into a Vibrant Forest Chinook.

butchers vibrant 1
Cask Vibrant Forest in a Siren glass

Followed by aptly named  , Unity- This Must Be The Place, which was actually the best beer of the day.

butchers unity (2)
Keg Unity

Micropubs aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, I really liked it here,It got busy without being uncomfortably so, good beer with plenty to choose from , a nice atmosphere in general.

It was time to make a move but a pit stop was required first and I discovered the toilets were also as hard to find as the pub itself was.

butchers toilet (2)
Toilets this way

Once sorted it was back out in the rain at the bus stop , watching the cars speeding by over the river bridge .

butchers bus stop (2)

I was quite happy with my latest scalp.


9 thoughts on “Take A Butchers

  1. That’s spot on – lots of seating but a bit tight. Met BRAPA here a couple of years ago, thought it was above average, more craft bar than micro, excellent beer. Lovely hipster pics !


  2. Indeed I have; Witches Brew, Bar Marina, Brewhouse & Kitchen and Caskaway. Four new GBG pubs in one city (plus the usual three newbies over in Pompey) makes for a nice overnighter. If you’re free for a pint down there let me know via Beer & Pubs messaging and I’ll plan my trip accordingly !


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