A Pub With A Peal

Bell inn Aldworth 1

The Bell in Aldworth , is certainly an appealing pub, the quintessential country pub in fact, tucked away in the Berkshire downs. A former national CAMRA pub of the the year way back in 1990, it boasts the only heritage interior in the county.

Bell inn Aldworth 2.jpg
Triumph Bonneville

It was very well attended on my Friday lunchtime visit, but there are plenty of nooks and cranny’s with stools and benches to find yourself a space to sit and enjoy your pint.

Bell inn Aldworth bar 3

Beer is served from the glass window enclosed bar through hatches, lending a quirkiness to proceedings whilst peering through the windows to discover what beers are being served from the handles scattered amongst  the pots of honey for sale, you could also buy eggs here if you should so wish, as well as crusty bread rolls with numerous fillings and various ploughmans.

Bell inn Aldworth bar 2
Cash or cheque only

The till was a delightful set of wooden drawers with brass handles, electricity not required.

Although a small pub there are several rooms and corridors all with some form of seating or other, so there seemed to be somewhere for everyone , you just had to go and look.Bell inn Aldworth bar

There was a local theme to the beers, past and present.

Bell inn Aldworth locale.jpg
Locale stuff

Its a charming pub with very friendly locals, a little bit of a step back in time, a vision enforced by the rather rustic outside Gents, look up and you can see the sky.

Bell inn Aldworth Gents.jpg
Alfresco Gents

It was a bit of a trek finding this pub but well worth the effort.

Bell inn Aldworth defibrillator.jpg And just in case I decided to have another funny turn, help was at hand.

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