Giving It Both Barrels

Double Barrelled Reading

At the other end of the pub spectrum from my last post, It’s the tap room to Readings new brewery, Double Barrelled . As you can see from the above picture its housed in a warehouse on an industrial estate to the west of town. Open on Fridays and Saturdays its a 25 minute walk or 15 minute bus ride from the town centre. I opted for a 10 minute bus ride from Nags Head . Being a working industrial unit there is of course no olde worlde pub charm , just a large somewhat sparse open space, with functional seating  and a bar area to the rear of the room on one side, and brewing kit the other.

Double Barrelled Reading 1
Double Barrelled Reading brew
Brewing Kit

It was a Saturday afternoon about half an hour after the 2 pm opening time and there was a scattering of punters sampling the wares.

Double Barrelled Reading interior

Being an uncommonly warm February afternoon, several chose to take advantage of the outside seating.

Double Barrelled Reading outside
mysterious shadows

Everyone appeared to be drinking Orange squash when in fact it was the dry hopped Citra Pale Ale, so I tried some.

Double Barrelled Reading ullage
Not Orange squash but  very nice

With 12 different beers available.

Double Barrelled Reading menu

I tried a couple more , a Salted Orange Porter and a Cacao and Vanilla Stout, (call me weird if you will) given 7.4% and 6.0% strengths respectively, I downsized .

Double Barrelled Reading porter , stout
Porter and Stout

These kind of places may not be everyone’s cup of tea, Its more likely for beer geeks and tickers, that said there were family’s in attendance,  anyhow I enjoyed the hour or so I spent there and the beer was excellent.

4 thoughts on “Giving It Both Barrels

  1. That brewery tap reminds me of several very similar places I visited last summer, in the Commonwealth of Virginia (to give the state its proper title)

    The oak casks for barrel-aged murk seem an obligatory feature in all these establishments.

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