A Gander In The Goose

goose island brewpub

A Saturday wander between Old Street and Bethnal Green brought me along the way, to the Goose Island Brewpub in Shoreditch . It’s the first incursion into our shores by the Chicago brewers, and as such the bar, or brewpub if you prefer , has a very much American bar feel about it. A long single room with a raised area to the rear , at the very back behind glass partitioning is the brew kit.

goose island brewpub kit
Brew Kit

I sat up in the front of the raised area that looks very much like it could double up as a stage, maybe it’s just for show but there is some stage lighting aimed in the general direction.

goose island brewpub american theme.jpg
American bar feel

From this vantage point I could take in the main bar area with it’s practical seating layed out along the length of the room.

goose island brewpub exposed brick
Exposed brickwork

Cask Ale is available but the obvious thrust of the place is Goose Island keg beer including the in house brewed produce plus a couple of guest keg beers, this was the avenue I chose in the form of the Grapefruit version of Magic Rock’s Highwire, it was decent enough.

goose island brewpub magic rock highwire grapefrut

Magic Rock drunk up it was time for a quick pit stop before moving on.

goose urinals

Interesting urinals, but maybe not if you’re wearing shorts and or flip flops, luckily I was doing neither.




4 thoughts on “A Gander In The Goose

  1. Good grief it’s empty ! Where did all the people go from my visit?

    Odd having guest keg and cask on in my view; surely they want you to go to their Tap to drink their beer ? I got distracted by the Jarl !

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