Tanked up

cf sign1
Somewhere between Romsey and Eastleigh

Two months of inactivity since my last post due to writers block (A.K.A. lethargy) , I’ve worked myself up for another only to realise I’m following in the Retired one’s footsteps again, but where hasn’t he been.

I found myself at Chandlers Ford Train Station.

CF Fordy1
Eastleigh bound train

Handily only only a couple of minutes walk from South Hampshire CAMRA pub of the year 2019, The Steel Tank.

Steel Tank ext (2)1

Tagged onto the end of a 20th Century shopping precinct, It just screamed out Micropub, because that’s exactly what it is.

It was quiet when I got there and only slightly busier when I left but the barman assured me they will be busy later in the day.

Steel Tank bar2 (2)

So I had plenty of elbow room and time to consider my choice of beer.

Steel Tank bar1
Proper choice

Normally in Micropubs and Craft bars I end up on the keg stuff but the quality of cask here was such I had three of the above selection, a pint and two halves.

Summerlands 3.5% and Metamorph 5.5% from Vibrant Forest (don’t drink with you’re eyes) and New Bristol Irish Cream Stout 7.0%, all great but the Stout was that good It’s in the running for my beer of the year.

All in all a good afternoon’s work and well worth the trip.


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