A Day Out With The Stafford Mudgie

Lewes Harveys Brewery

I was in Lewes for the day, that mean’t lots of Harvey’s beer and Paul Mudge, AKA The Stafford Mudgie , the well known pub man extraordinaire. At 11.50 I jumped off the train at Lewes Station and made my way towards the first pub of the day ,The Lewes Arms, where I had no doubt Paul would be waiting for me and more importantly, the pub to open. The ten minute walk to the pub involved some hill climbing.

Lewes Hill (2)
Onwards and upwards

But soon I had navigated my way to the pub.

Lewes Arms (2)
Not Paul, but a later picture as we were leaving

The pub was a few minutes late in opening and I found Paul sitting a little impatiently on the small stool next to the door. It was here that I had to relay the sad news of Richard Coldwall’s  untimely passing, a blow to both of us and it took a little of the fun out of the day. But the pub had opened and we got stuck in as I’m sure Richard would have expected.

The bar’s seven handpumps provided five beers, something for Paul, Harvey’s Sussex Best and for me Dark Star Hophead.

Lewes Arms Beer (3)

The eagle eyed among you may spot Paul peering through the gloom of the back room.

There was a constant flow of people in and out of this delightful multi-roomed pub, proving it’s quality as I didn’t find it easy to find tucked away in the backstreets.

Lewes Arms 1 (2)

And all to soon it was time for us to leave the crease and join the flow out toward the next pub.

Lewes Arms 2 (2)
Rare cricket related stuff from me



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