The Right Way To The Rights Of Man ?

Lewes Rights Of Man
Paul in typical trail blazing mode

Continuing the exploration of Lewes along  with Paul Mudge we left the rather excellent Lewes Arms  and took the backstreet route to our next destination, The Rights Of Man. After a couple of blind alleys we emerged from a small opening onto the High Street, turning right out of the alleyway we decided it should be “just up here a bit”, It was in fact immediately next door to the  left of the gap we came out of, something we realised 100 yards to late.

The Rights Of Man , a Harvey’s Pub with a narrow frontage, but once inside seems reasonably roomy.

Lewes Rights Of Man 1

It was quiet as we entered, the interior is modern/traditional, smart and tastefully done , but lacks any of the authentic charm and ambiance of the Lewes Arms. There are six handpumps in total and there was a decent and varied range of Harvey’s beers available, I opted for the Wild Hop which was Ok but no more than NBSS 2.5.

Lewes Rights Of Man (2)

The pub slowly began to increase its custom but we were done here and I left not unsatisfied with the pub but also with no great desire to rush back.

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