Backstreet Urchin

Hove Bike

I found myself in Hove the other day, Brightons less noisy neighbor,it is not without a certain charm though if you look in the right places.

The weather forecast was dire with heavy rain ,high winds and thunderstorms predicted, as it happened it turned out nice.

Hove sea

The sea was a bit choppy so I decided against a paddle and went in search of pubs and beer.

Hove beer sign

The weather was warm but not warm enough for the above to tempt me, I bypassed the offer and made my way to my targeted pub , The Urchin.

Hove Urchin
Bloody cars

Once a traditional boozer called The Bell, It has now transformed into a Craft Beer and Seafood Bar. No longer an old mans pub, though of course all are welcome, they let me in after all. Its light and airy inside, spacious despite plenty of seating options, that said the beer garden was full up with people both drinking and eating. Being an experimental kind of chap I ordered a couple of halves of the keg options.

Hove Urchin craft keg
Not Orange Squash

The hip youth of Hove were beginning to gather and the barman was getting more and more busy with food orders.

Hove Urchin punters

It was that time of day so I checked out the menu.

Hove Urchin Squid (2)
Salt and Pepper Squid


Food eaten and murk drunk, time to move on? Just as I was considering that course of action, a new beer came on one of the three handpumps.

Hove Urchin cask

The Tiny Rebel was my favorite beer at The Great British Beer Festival earlier in the week, Marmalade Pale anyone? Just as I was weakening this happened….

Hove Urchin food
Complimentary Seafood stuff

That settled it.



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