Mighty Oak

Borough Royal Oak

It was a dull and wet day in Borough, South East London, making the most of a break in the rain, I left my first port of call, The Kings Arms in Newcomen St.

Borough Kings Arms
GBG ,they’re in it

The Barman spotted me making a break for it.

Borough Kings Arms Barman (2)
Don’t go

I knew once I had made it to the Royal Oak an extended stay would not be a disaster if the heavens opened once more, and so it came to pass.  It was strangely quiet when I got there about 1.30 on a Saturday lunchtime, which suited me as I had a choice of tables to sit at.


Borough Royal Oak interior

A good range of Harveys beers were on offer and I started on the Dark Mild, It really was in excellent shape, so I tweeted the fact.

Borough Royal Oak.tweet
It’s the truth

It went viral, well when I say Viral 30 likes and 6 retweets to date is as viral as it gets for me.

The pub soon filled, with all the tables taken up in both bars, assorted ponytails gathered at the bar.

Borough Royal Oak ponytails

and a group of mostly American beer buffs took up residence next to me, one comment I heard was that “English brewers should go back to their brewing roots”, fair enough.

Borough Royal Oak.jpg Americans
American beer talk

The Mild dealt with I moved on to the Old Ale.

Borough Royal Oak. Old Ale

It was even better, I didn’t dare tweet about this, though I did reply to Stonch.

Borough Royal Oak.stonch
Why am I in Camberwell?

Hunger had set in and my Lamb Hot Pot arrived.

Borough Royal Oak Hot Pot
Bigger than it looks

I immediately thought is that it? But needn’t had worried the bowl was tardis-like.

My hunger satisfied I noticed the rain had abated so I made my move to Borough Market and The Rake quite pleased with the last hour and a half.

The Americans also headed out into the gloom on the quest for more English Ale, I was on the lookout for American hop bombs.


10 thoughts on “Mighty Oak

  1. Local pubs are sometimes the best. You see some of “real” London rather than the big chain tourist ones on the main thoroughfares in central London. Quieter, more character and not too plastic. Four quid isnt bad either. Likely to be the same as the Sam Smiths pubs in smaller side streets close to the tourist honey pots.

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