Killing Time For Ultimately No Reason What So Ever In Chichester

Chichester Cathedral town

On leaving The Park Tavern , with an hour or so to kill before my target micropub opened at 4.00 , I took in some sights of Chichester, the photo above is obviously a lie as the astute among you will realise it was taken earlier in the day, the image below  is also another lie as it was taken after I had killed time.

Chichester Cathedral

So untruths done and dusted and cultural bits sorted, the truth will out. I went here.

Chichester Hole in the Wall

The most southerly Big Smoke pub there is (that I know about), I’m a big fan of the original in Surbiton, The Antelope.  It was by far the busiest pub I had been in on the day. 12 Handpumps split equally between the two bar areas, I hear some of the doubters and Bass aficionados  tutting right now but four were for Ciders leaving a balanced beer selection including Best Bitter, Golden, Stout and Barley Wine, as can be seen below.

Chichester Hole in the Wall beer

I wisely chose to eat here as well.

Chichester Hole in the Wall food
Five slices of Gammon concealed by egg.

Stomach satisfied it was nearly 4 ‘o’ clock, the time whatpub says the Hornet Alehouse opens. You know what happens next don’t you.

Chichester Hornet Alehouse

Well no you don’t, opening hours on the window confirmed the 4pm kick off, I was there by 2 minutes past ,yet the the place was full, I then saw the chalk board telling me it had for some reason decided to open several hours earlier than normal, brilliant.

Inside it’s the expected square room as you would expect of such establishments, in this case there is also upstairs seating, I stayed near the bar and beer.

5 cask ,4 keg and 4 Cider, reasonably balanced.

The Oakham called to me but the Thornbridge slightly louder. I managed to perch out of the way on the only bar stool at the corner of the bar, the pub remained very busy at times yet ebbed and flowed.

Chichester Hornet bar 1
Ebbing or flowing?

At other times it seemed the bar couldn’t hold itself up.

Chichester Hornet Alehouse bar hanger
Familiar pose

It had become apparent my intended train would be well and truly missed, so I tried the Overtone.

Chichester Hornet overtone

Then the very special Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout.

Chichester Hornet ba

Well at 10.0% and only £3,30 a third it would be special, wouldn’t it? It was.

By now it was yet again becoming apparent I was in danger of missing another train, so I regretfully drank up and headed out into the night.

Getting my bearings  I checked  with a local the fastest way to the station.

Chichester Statue

I followed his gaze.






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