Open All Hours?

Chichester Fountain

My last trip of 2019 found me in Chichester, a last minute decision as I was going to Salisbury, but I’d been there before several times and Chichester would be new pub territory for me, the only possible foreseen  pitfall was that this would be a totally unplanned trip. I walked past the first open pub, a station sports bar type effort, I could always call in on the return journey if needs must.  I thought The Fountain would be worth a look, unfortunately at 11.20 A.M not yet open. Pressing on up the street I came to Trents.Chichester Trents

A Greene King Pub!!! Still it was open, I went in. A rather disappointing modern foody type affair with a cask beer choice of Greene King IPA and Hardy & Hansons Rock On. Punk IPA it was then.

Chichester Punk

Having  done a little homework on my mobile I identified The Chichester Inn as the next stop, it opens at mid-day.

Chichester Inn 1

I got there at 11.50, damn. Spotting another pub the other side of a roundabout, I investigated.

Chichester Crate and apple

Not in fact The Rate & Apple but The Crate & Apple, have you noticed the general colour scheme with these pubs? Anyhow It was open so a swift pint was called for. Another food led operation it did have at least a pubby feel and a couple of handpumps.

Crate & Apple Beer (2)

To save you straining your eyes on the distressed image above there was a choice of Harveys Sussex Best and Long Man Long Blonde, the latter turned out to be not at it’s best.

The Chichester Inn was calling and hopefully things would start to look up.


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