Downtown In Kemptown

Brighton Hand In Hand

A pub visit to Brighton isn’t complete in my view without taking a 15 or so minute walk down to Kemptown, home to a couple of my favourite south coast boozers. Walking past the strikingly colourful  Hand In Hand was easier knowing I would be coming back to it in due course. I continued on with my target another couple of more minutes  beyond.

Brighton Barley Mow

The Barley Mow, a basic unspoiled boozer with some decent beer to be had. Gun Brewery Scaramanga Extra Pale was my choice, a bit of a mouthful but a tasty one.

Brighton Barley Mow Gun Scaramanga extra Pale
Not Timothy Taylors
Brighton Barley Mow interior
Fairly busy

The pub was fairly busy on the Saturday Afternoon but having found myself a vacant table and being well past lunchtime, I took the opportunity to feed my face.

Brighton Barley Mow pie
Moo Blue, naughty but nice

The last time I had one these lovely Steak and Stilton pies a heart attack followed four days later, some people never learn.

Hunger satisfied it was time to head back to The Hand In Hand, my absolute favourite pub in the area.

Brighton Hand In Hand 2 The sun was rapidly heading toward the horizon when I reached the pub. Inside it  is rather quirky with a well worn but homely and atmospheric feel.

Brighton Hand In Hand interior 1
Well used bar stools
Brighton Hand In Hand interior
Victorian porn on the ceiling

The girl behind the bar was friendly and chatty,but kept busy.

Brighton Hand In Hand bar
Pub rules

Now dark outside it was all to soon to head back to central Brighton, The Evening Star was calling for the second time today.

As I headed back into the street I could feel eyes upon me.

Brighton jack
You lookin at me

But despite the obstacles put before me it was head down and push on.

Brighton no entry

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