Afternoons And Evenings


Literally just a minutes walk from Brighton train station on Surrey Street, is the Evening Star. Birthplace of Dark Star Brewery in 1994  in the pubs Cellar, it was the original brewery tap, Dark Star have now long since moved on in location and ownership, but evidence of its history can still be seen etched into some of the windows. The pub is now independently run as  a freehouse.

The Evening Star may shine brightly at dusk but the pub opens at 12.00 noon. On this occasion I was first through the doors but have encountered queues anticipating the bolts on the doors being drawn back.Brighton Evening Star room

Inside the room  is simply furnished with basic wooden tables ,chairs and stools.


Dark Star Beers are still very much prevalent, but other options are available

Brighton Evening Star pumps 3

I stayed for a couple of pints then moved on knowing I would end up later that evening.

When I did return I found the pub to be fairly busy as expected, the evening light and extra bodies ,making the place more atmospheric .


Brighton Evening Star night crowd

My beer of the day was Dark Star American Pale Ale, NBSS 4 +, an old favourite.

Brighton Evening Star apa
Art shot?

As I neared the end of the delicious pint I should have been leaving for the train home. But a new beer had come on .

Brighton Evening Star Trevail

Also I hadn’t had a revelation yet, so I did.

Brighton Evening Star apa,rev, trevail

Not the first train or two I had missed in here.


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