Early Bath


Well it was late morning really when I got of the the train at Bath Spa but I like the title so It’s staying. I had a Tuesday off work and hadn’t actually planned going anywhere in particular. So whilst checking various destinations by train that morning, I saw I could get a return ticket for south of 20 quid to Bath I jumped at it. A previously unvisited city for me it really deserved some proper pub planning but as it was I made do with various phone apps to get about. My first stop was the Lamb & Lion pictured above, simply because it was  the nearest pub to me that was open before noon. It was also the most underwhelming pub of the day as it turned out but it gave me time for a pint and time to check out some pubs I liked the sound of via my Good Beer Guide App. A solid enough looking pub from the outside but lacking any real character within, a cheap but decent looking menu , but the opened out interior was too overladen with TV screens and fruit machines for my liking. My pint of Hanlons  Yellow Hammer was nice enough but it was time to move on.

Next stop was The Raven, an 18th century corner pub in the middle of the city.


The only beer I had heard of was a right blast from the past but I gave the Burton Ale a swerve, I’d drank enough of it in the late 70s.

My next pub was probably my favourite of the day, a small ,charming pub set in a 300 year old building. The Old Green Tree.


There are three oak panelled  rooms inside with the servery in the central room. There were two or three blokes  in the middle room and similar in the front.


So I took my half a Hanlons Port Stout to the empty rear room and sat down for ten minutes.


There was a view through to the bar so I could see any goings on. There wasn’t any of course, just normal pub chatter.


A nice little pub that I imagine gets pretty busy later in the day.

There will be more pubs to come in part two, in the next day or so.





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