Bass In Bath


Continuing on with my daytrip to Bath, after leaving The Old Green Tree I headed northwards , uphill toward The Star Inn.


Nothing particularly stunning to look at  from the outside, but once inside it’s a little like stepping back in time a hundred years or so with four small, cosy rooms with a fair bit of dark wood paneling on the walls, with bench seating at their base. Unfortunately nearly all my interior photos  failed the quality check so you will have to make do with the pint of Bass and Bacon, Cheese and Mustard roll in the top picture. The roll (not bap or cob) was excellent if not a little steep in price at three quid, the Bass? Well a lot of fuss has been made of it of late even getting its very own Bass Day, now postponed like just about everything else is at the moment whilst in the grip of the pandemic. It was probably only the second pint of the stuff I’d tried in more than a decade, I thought I’d try and find out what the fuss is about, needless to say I still don’t get it.

The plan was after leaving the Star was to head a little further uphill to Brewed Boy, a Micropub/craft bar, It was of course closed, not opening until 4 pm , at odds with the online info. So I headed back down toward  the city centre when I came to The Bell and thought I’d give it ago.


It’s quite a large pub that’s a bit of a a live music venue as well. There was a fair selection of beers available on the bar.


And a couple of contrasting characters sat nearby.


Sat next to the fire with a Butcombe Rare Breed, it was worth popping in.


More Bath time stuff soon.

7 thoughts on “Bass In Bath

  1. To clarify. I agree with Duncan, 9 times out of 10 Bass is nothing great. I’ve had average pints in great pubs (Plymouth Dolphin and Falmouth Seven Stars for example).

    But when it’s great, it’s really great. The Bass from a jug I shared at the Star with the Paul and the lovely Bengers was a spiritual experience.

    Some folk don’t like flat beer, of course, and that’s fine. BeerMat gets on better with the tight head on Bass in Derby than the gravity Bass in Coopers in Burton.

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