The Boy Done Good


Back in the days when pubs were open you left me in the city of Bath, sat by the fire in The Bell. It was getting on for the alleged opening time of the micropub up the top of the hill, Brewed Boy. Having already tried earlier in the day only to be disappointed finding it closed, I had read somewhere it was open at two, somewhere else now told me four, fingers crossed.


The picture above, yes the tiny black  place in the middle,  was taken on my failed attempt, on approach now, it looked exactly the same but as I neared I could see some dim lighting, It was open.

Probably better described as a craft bar than a micropub if it matters, which I guess it really doesn’t. It was rather quiet, but to be fair had only been open about ten minutes, with just one other punter in ahead of me.


The guy behind the bar had time for his mobile.


He kindly ducked so I could take a picture of the back wall.


A typically basic pub of its ilk, the seating  a mixture of benchs  and stools, a pleasant mix of music was playing at a sensible non invasive level but right up my street with the likes of The Stranglers, Radiohead and Happy Mondays amongst others. There is no cask beer here, hence the craft bar definition as well as the presence of music, but  there are ten Craft beers available from the taps on the back wall. Most were beers that only the most hardcore beer nerds and hipsters would have heard of, I tried a couple, Fierce Beer Single Hop Project 03 – Simcoe and the wonderfully named (both brewery and beer) Imaginary Friends Lunar Moonatic, 6.0% and 5.9% abv respectively, therefore half of each, both very nice.

There were a good few pubs still to do and time was now moving a pace, so time to head back down the hill into the main town.



The journey continues.


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