Pigs, Lions , Grapes & Foxes, Oh And A Brew House.

Having left Brewed Boy in the last post, it was downhill all the way, trajectory  wise anyway. I was heading for the Coeur De Lion next, it sounded decent. Along the way I spotted a pub on the other side of the road , having caught my eye I decided to pop in for a quick half.


The frontage of the Pig & Fiddle didn’t look all that dissimilar from the pub I had just left. Once inside though it was apparent it was a different beast altogether.


Much larger inside, my notes say, “hipster gastro bar”. Owned by Butcombe Brewery there were four of their own beers on cask, the Butcombe Haka was quite good but half it was and I needed to get a move on.

Arriving at my next target, It immediately struck me as a good looking place.

Coeur De Lion

A small but very cosy pub and rather homely  inside.


It is in fact the smallest pub in Bath but The Old Green Tree  must give it a run for its money. The pub changed to its present  name from The Avondown Stores in 1880 but moved to the current premises, which date from 1749, in 1886, the reason for the change of name to The Coeur De Lion is unknown , but thought to be unique in the UK, according to What Pub.

Now part of Abbey Ales estate their beers were to the fore on the bar.

Maximus IPA for me

Outside the light was beginning to fail, time to hit the road again.

I had time, I reckoned for one more pub.


The Grapes, looked lively inside so I ducked in to check it out. Once in I decided it had more of a modern bar/American cabin style about it than the exterior would suggest, but then what do I know, this was the ninth pub of the day.


There was a good buzz about the place and I was delighted to see they had Bristol Beer Factory Milk Stout on, a pint of that and I should make the train station in good time.


I missed the train.

They were running hourly for some reason or another, this meant time to get a quick two more pubs in.

I went here.


The Black Fox. The more astute among you may notice it seems to be getting light again, but no I took the photo earlier in the day, a premonition if you will.

by this time my photos became scarce and notes vague. For this one they say Tapestry Swing Ball, (the beer) and bar like pub!

I ended up here.


The Bath Brew House

As you can see , no photographic premonition here. My notes tell me on this occasion the beer was Bath Brew House Spartacus and that it was a large youngsters pub, whether or not it was a large pub or a pub for large youngsters, I cant be sure.

Luckily the next train was delayed by ten minutes, enabling me to just catch it this time.

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