Small But Perfectly Formed


I took time out on Saturday morning to nip up the M3 into Surrey to check out Chobhams newly opened Micropub, The Horse & Groom.

20200727_192040It didn’t take long and yes I did spot the speed camera.

Chobham has a small high street and is already blessed with a couple of pubs , The White Hart, a bit foody but does offer some decent beer and The Sun Inn, a more traditional pub offering beers everyone has heard off. The Horse & Groom has opened up in a former hairdressers opposite the Sun Inn. There was however once a pub here on the same site, closing in 1960, It was called The Horse & Groom, It all becomes clear.


The first thing that caught my eye on approach was that the signal by the door was on green meaning there was room inside which wasn’t that surprising really as it was only five minutes after opening time. Secondly the sign below the signal  stated it was cash only, a certain pleasure in these contactless  days. Signing in with my contact details as per government guidelines I noticed I was not the first customer of the day with a chap sat at a table by the window pint in hand already.  I checked out the beer board on the wall.


Either my hands were shaking in anticipation of a beer or It was just a bad picture, you can make your own mind up. I made my choice, found a table and took in the surroundings.

Locale on the pumps


The pub had very much a traditional pub look and feel about it, much better than the plain square rooms with rows of benches common with many micropubs, this place has character.

The governor, seen leaning on the bar above was chatty and welcoming, the place soon began to fill up.

Despite the presence of to cask beers I went for one of the keg beers , Disruption Battle Royale and followed it up with a half of Hepworth Conqueror Stout also keg, I’m struggling to get back into cask beer at the moment, to many hop bomb cans over the last few months no doubt.


I was really quite impressed with the Horse & Groom and quite envious of the Chobham locals.

I reckon the GBG pub tickers (they know who they are) will have to be visiting soon.








12 thoughts on “Small But Perfectly Formed

  1. A bold move opening a micro in the current climate but looks a good ‘un.
    Like the green/red sign and understand the hop tastic keg as still class punk (not very exciting I know) as my favourite drink.
    Cask is so good at the minute …it can’t last!

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