Way Out West

Way out west of Winchester town centre that is.

Through the torrential rain I made a long awaited return, uphill,downhill through narrow residential streets and walkways, not easy to find but so far has always been worth the effort. The weather was horrendous so the beautifully green tiled pub was was a sight for sore eyes.

This was my first Covid era visit, so mask on and sign in with the NHS app. There was scant custom on this wet Wednesday lunchtime, so once the formalities were concluded there was plenty of spare tables to choose where to sit and once seated, table service was immediate. My first glance at the pump clips filled me with dread.

Luckily for me stealth beers were available.


I pint of Steam Town Stoke was soon on the table, in another pubs glass.

Not actually in The Queen Inn

There were just two other punters in the pub ,both engrossed in their newspapers.

I had no newspaper so I mused over the Gin of the week.


Not sure about the Gin, I settled for another pint and a packet of crisps, with change from a fiver, not bad for these parts.

All soon it was time to head back out into the weather and tackle the inclines back to the town centre.

Even steeper than it looks

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