On The Up In Upper Hale

The Alfred Freehouse is a similar story to my last post on the Wonston Arms, a previously struggling pub made good and now a thriving hub of the community.

alfred freehouse (2) Once in the grips of of a pub Co, Its now privately owned and all the better for that. Hidden away down a residential backstreet in Surrey, just over the Hampshire border, It’s unlikely you would happen upon it by accident, you need to be in the know, as are the many locals who use the pub on a daily basis.

alfred1 (2)
Friendly locals 
alfred3 (2)
Dog friendly


I must say the locals are among the most friendly and welcoming a bunch as you could hope to meet, even though some have a weird dress sense.


One of the main reasons this is a successful pub, other than the locals, is a witty, knowledgeable and totally engaging Landlord, Mark is all of these.

Alfred gov
Mark the Guvnor in action

Another hallmark of a good pub is of course, good beer, the house beer is Bowmans Wallops Wood, a brown malty and fruity best bitter, brown but not boring, then there are another two or three ever changing ales of all persuasions, pales, stouts and Porters, even real  Lager, something for everyone.

In fact in three or four years of sporadically drinking here, I don’t remember having a beer in less than tip top condition.

A wonderful pub, worth seeking out, but as with many off the beaten track pubs, beware the opening hours, Mon -Sat it doesn’t open till 5.30 pm, Sundays and Bank holidays it opens at noon.

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