north star leytonstone 1.jpg

Down a narrow residential backstreet in Leytonstone sits The North Star, a small two room pub off the beaten track, and all the better for that. Walking through the door , not knowing what to expect, I was quite pleasantly surprised when I ran my eye over the beer offerings at the bar.

north star leytonstone beer
A top lineup

It was a difficult choice but you cant go wrong with Oakham. There was just a couple of blokes in the pub when I turned up, you didn’t need to hear them talk to know they were proper eastenders, the shirt made it obvious.

north star leytonstone hammer.jpg
1960’s retro

And just to confirm things, I’m for ever blowing bubbles came on the jukebox, I kid you not, and nothing to do with Michael Jackson as a certain @StephenPie suggested on Twitter. The pub soon started to fill up, the conversation was all Billy Bonds and the good old days.

north star leytonstone punters.jpg
more blokes

They were a friendly lot and the banter was good. The pub was a cracker, it felt old school and yet had managed to move with the times even to the extent there was a a few craft beers on offer backing up the excellent cask range.

It was most definitely the best pub of the day, I wish I’d stayed longer.

8 thoughts on “Superstar

  1. Lovely pics, top pub. Clearly unchanged since my visit on the penultimate day of the 2005 Ashes, when the early evening Sunday drinking was very good indeed. Pubs in narrow residential streets are the best.

    What too you there, Citra ? The GBG ?

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  2. Nothing to do with GBG, just a wander around Leytonstone and Leyton, the Leyton bit was a cock up as I failed to realise Orient at home was an early kick off, so by 2.30 pm all pubs were rammed to the rafters.


  3. Great name for a pub Citra – and pretty unusual I would guess…?

    Always nice to be surprised by a varied and quality beer line up in an unassuming pub…


  4. Not sure how many North Stars there are, but just approaching this pub, the look the setting, I just felt it was going to be a goodun, it didn’t let me down.


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