A Beauty In Beastly Eastleigh

steam town sign 2

Being honest Eastleigh has never been on my pub visit list, the town centre will win no beauty contests and the pubs are a bit second division at best. That is until now, there’s a new kid on the block, alright it’s been around a year and a half or  so and of course that Retired Bloke has already written about it  before me, and in doing so gave me the tip off,  cheers Martin.                                                                                                        Anyhow now armed with a suitable excuse to get off at Eastleigh train station other than making  a train connection, I alighted at platform 3. Although The Steam Town Brew Co is  only a four or five minute walk from the station, on a lovely sunny spring day I decided on a little walk first, the River Itchen is nearby so I took a look.

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It was all a bit Wind In The Willows.

Wonderful, now on to the pub, The Steam Town Brew Co.

steam town brewhouse

WhatPub calls it a brewery tap while the Good Beer Guide tells us its Eastleigh’s first Micropub and indeed first brewery. It probably falls foul of hardcore micropub definitions, for one it has a kitchen and extensive burger menu, anyway who cares what it’s called, lets go and take a look, Inside it certainly has a micropub feel.

steam town bar

Wooden floorboards and exposed brick walls, lend a cosy, homely feel to the front bar. There are eight hand pumps on the bar, if your eyes are any good you may be able to count them from this picture, I’ll be amazed if you can read the clips from here, I had to go over and look. There were six beers, all brewed on site, with two Ciders, one of which was infused with ginger, which quite frankly sounds awful. Continue looking carefully and you will  also make out sixteen keg taps on the rear wall, mostly but not exclusively craft stuff. I started with a pint of cask beer , Steam Town Stoke Pale.

steam town stoke pale

While the beer was very well conditioned, I didn’t get the kick I was expecting from the Citra and Mosaic hops.                                                                                                                              I took the beer into the second room in the pub to have a look around, that’s me looking not the beer.  Another spacious area with plenty of ordinary sensible seating, but along the back wall , the novelty factor kicks in with a row of  ex first class train carriage seats and tables.

steam town train seats

Back in the front room, beer gone, I went keg, firstly Dark Star Lager.

Dark Star Lager.jpg
Bloody hell , its Lager !

No idea whats going on with the green beans? And then Red Cat Driftwood.

Steam Town Red Cat Driftwood.jpg
Bloody hell, its brown beer!!

Proper keg head that, don’t be concerned, there was a perfect half under the froth  in that lined glass. I took a while over the beer ,sat in a rather low armchair, taking in  more of the room.

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And came to the conclusion that its a cracking little pub.

And so to the novelty urinal shot, it wouldn’t be complete without one.

steam town urinal.jpg

Which leads me on to say, if you have to go anywhere in Eastleigh, go here.

10 thoughts on “A Beauty In Beastly Eastleigh

  1. Glad you liked it. I thought the bar person was lovely. Looks like there was a few in on your visit.

    Eastleigh would make a good base for exploration of Southampton and the New Forest with a cheap Travelodge and good rail connections. Its no Hartley Witney though 🙄

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  2. Made a brief stop there one morning recently. It was open but all the pumps were being cleaned so nothing in cask, had to settle for one of their keg beers. Yes, Eastleigh as a town not much to shout about.

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  3. A shame no cask was on for you, the one I had was in good nick but as I said didn’t blow me away flavour wise, there were five others available covering all the styles. The Steel Tank up the road in Chandlers Ford has now been brought to my attention, have you done that one yet?


  4. Completely agree with all you say Citra – great place and your excellent photos really bring the relaxed feel of the place.

    The bonus is it’s the only place I can afford to sit in a first class train seat!

    Not surprised the Red Cat beer was good. Great, though currently underrated brewery that. Steamtown are excellent too.

    Love the Itchen river photos. South Hants CAMRA are doing an Itchen Navigation (canal) pub walk on 27th May, from Southampton to Winchester, calling in at Steamtown along the way.

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